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Bike 4 Everything has Started Logistics Services across the City

Revolutionizing the cab service patterns in the country and providing a breakthrough innovation buzz in the industry by introducing the bike taxi service module. Launched by the leading cab service providers themselves, the bike taxi services have gained immense success in congested and tick-on-clock cities like Bangalore and Mumbai.  

Bike Taxi in Indore : 

One such service that operates in the mid-Indian continent and has popularized through in past year is Bike4Everything, which is a two-wheeler service provider serving commuters to travel down within the Indore and Bhopal region on an instant demand. It allows ride services with the skilled bike riders assuring trouble-free travelling and lets the users get through with the app with a lucid UI to just upload the pickup and drop points and commute with reasonable charges.

For individuals requesting or ordering an on-demand service, Bike 4 Everything is looking to create an array of bike taxis- something that can be described as the “Vehicle for all purposes”, attempting a sort of online-offline integration in almost all possible verticals.

Ride or Deliver - Bike 4 Everything has also launched Logistics Services :

Bike4Everything doesn’t just provide services for commute. It even provides the customers with delivery options where they can easily receive their ordered food, groceries, laundry, medical aids or couriers via the bike4everything mobile app. The causes and consequences of hitch-hiking get reduced to a maximum and reaching anywhere on time is no more a worry. Single travelers have a better option to commute reducing upon the travel costs so as to optimize travel options.

Bike4Everthing completely understands that as technology gets better, people’s interest change and manufacturers need to keep up with the current trends. It offers the company to launch new two-wheeler models directly on road, generating both publicity and profit for each of the two companies involved. In order to serve the surge in on demand transportation, Bike 4 Everything aims to create an inventory of bikes. To complement the assemblage of bikes, it also proposes a partnership where one could contribute an array of two-wheelers which would in turn be inducted into service following routine checks. The firm offers you to turn your bike into a money machine. With the liberty to drive anytime and anywhere, part-time model is ideal for youngsters and people who want to cash in on the buzzing on demand market.

With literally no competition at present and heavy traffic congestions all over hi-tech cities, Bike 4 Everything aims to accumulate a large partner installed base. With innovating marketing strategies, the firm expects to thrive on the real time bike booking app. With a monopoly in two wheeler taxis, a large customer base is ensured.

Goodbye Cabs! Now order 2 Wheeler Taxis

With the dawn of innovation and pools of street smart ideas rising every day, major changes in the set patterns are unavoidable. One major issue that has troubled the country throughout the past decade is the growing rates of vehicles on the roads and the reckless travel delays in metropolitans.

It is about time that cabs stop being our only option for conditional commuting. The growing trend of Bike taxis in the metro cities like Bangalore and Mumbai have brought about a revolution throughout the country, and what’s most surprising is that these services were firstly introduced by cab service providers like Ola and Uber.

The idea originated from the fact that it was worthless to hire a cab for one person travelling somewhere. Also, with the traffic congestion, it becomes all the more difficult to reach destinations without getting stuck in jams. Bikes provide easier way out to the up-owners, who can easily upload their travel details and get picked up from their sources in absolutely no time. This idea also brings down the reckless hitchhiking scenarios that are both dangerous and unreliable for both the parties.

One such Bike service with a breakthrough inception idea is “Bike 4 Everything”, which is an innovative on-demand bike taxi service where you simply tap your smart phone and have a bike arrive at your location in the least possible time. The bikes don’t just help you with travels, but also through on-time deliveries, which are becoming far more popular than the traveling options due to their spontaneity.

With the growing trend of bike taxis, they are soon going to be swirling around maneuvering through the jams in almost every city in our sub-continent.

Benefits of Bike 4 Everything : An on-Demand Taxi Service in Indore

Two-wheeler taxi service is a very innovative idea for solving the problem of logistic and to help the people to travel in less time in congested areas. Two-wheeler Taxi service is launched by Bike 4 Everything. B4E also launches an app for booking two-wheeler taxi which can be downloaded from Google play store. This Service has various benefits like:-

  • Bike 4 Everything provides the reliable and safe ride in minutes with a mobile based application.
  • The skilled riders will pick and drop the customers at the scheduled time.
  • The taxi will be having a first-aid kit attached with it for safety purpose.
  • For lady customers lady drivers are also available and they are trained drivers with a complete guidance about safety.
  • It is less expensive as compared to other services.
  • The company also planned to give free rides to the senior-citizens depending on the availability of the bike taxi.
  • It is user friendly, as it allows commuters with multi wallet payment options. They can chose there payment option including Pay TM, PayPal, Citrus, Mobi wik and many more.
  • It is an on demand logistic provider which helps other businesses to flourish.

B4E is trying to provide the best service to the customers and to make them fully satisfied with the services. B4E received a great response at Simhasth Ujjain where more than 10000 rides were accomplished and hoping to get the better results in Indore too.


Women will also Drive Two-Wheeler Taxi- Bike 4 Everything

Bike4Everything is on the way to achieve the goal of launching two-wheeler taxi service in Indore. As we all know the first launching of bike cab was in Ujjain during Simhasth. The service provided by B4E during Simhasth was totally free and the responses by the commuters or customers were awesome. In Simhasth around 10000 rides were successfully accomplished which is the great achievement for the first launch.

After Ujjain, it has been launched in Indore. Just like Goa the bikes will be available on rent in Indore too, but the difference is just that bike driver will be there for riding those bikes. For male customers there will be male driver and for lady customer there will be lady driver. For lady driver bikes will be non gear bike. Training will be provided to the male drivers as well as the female drivers and guidance about safety will also be provided.

Maintenance of bikes is done and the bikes are ready to run on the road. License and commercial permissions are cleared. The price for booking regular bike is Rs. 15 and rest will be Rs. 3 per km and the base fair for luxury bike will be Rs.100 and rest will be Rs. 5 per km. Booking can be made by using app Bike4Everything which can be downloaded from the Google play store. We will guarantee you a reliable and safe ride. Our skilled drivers will pick you and drop you at the scheduled time.

No doubt, this type of service was launched in Bangalore and Gudgaon before but it is the first time in Indore and we will try to provide the best service to our customers and to make them fully satisfied with our services.

Women Driver-Bike4Everything

Bike 4 Everything Launched On Demand Bike Taxi Service

India is a market that possesses a massive ability whether it is any region courtesy or a big wide variety of customers however the actual trouble that haunts every supplier who wishes to cater these users is of logistics. Either it is a laundry or a roadside eatery, every business has their own loyal customers who are ready to travel the distance for completing their tasks but they have to cross the chaotic traffic to reach their destination. But now the problem of logistic has been resolved as the Bike4Everything started the ‘On demand’ bike taxi service which leverages the Indian market potential. The small and medium shop owners can also be partners with Bike4Everything without paying any kind of commission on the orders which they receive and which are fulfilled by Bike4Everything.

This innovative bike launch received a great response at Simhasth Ujjain where more than 10000 rides were accomplished under B4E. In Indore B4E has recently started two-wheeler taxi service from 1st June 2016. B4E has emerged as a one stop solution for everything that could be imagined on bike like bike taxi, bike laundry, bike delivery, bike servicing etc.

According to Neelesh Jain co-founder of B4E, ‘they have very simple concept which anyone be it a user or a service provider can get in touch with them for any kind of logistics service and the nearest B4E driver will come to help them and for saving their cost and time but they are not a bike taxi or a delivery service rather they feel proud to call as an On Demand logistics provider which helps other business to flourish.

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