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Goodbye Cabs! Now order 2 Wheeler Taxis

With the dawn of innovation and pools of street smart ideas rising every day, major changes in the set patterns are unavoidable. One major issue that has troubled the country throughout the past decade is the growing rates of vehicles on the roads and the reckless travel delays in metropolitans.

It is about time that cabs stop being our only option for conditional commuting. The growing trend of Bike taxis in the metro cities like Bangalore and Mumbai have brought about a revolution throughout the country, and what’s most surprising is that these services were firstly introduced by cab service providers like Ola and Uber.

The idea originated from the fact that it was worthless to hire a cab for one person travelling somewhere. Also, with the traffic congestion, it becomes all the more difficult to reach destinations without getting stuck in jams. Bikes provide easier way out to the up-owners, who can easily upload their travel details and get picked up from their sources in absolutely no time. This idea also brings down the reckless hitchhiking scenarios that are both dangerous and unreliable for both the parties.

One such Bike service with a breakthrough inception idea is “Bike 4 Everything”, which is an innovative on-demand bike taxi service where you simply tap your smart phone and have a bike arrive at your location in the least possible time. The bikes don’t just help you with travels, but also through on-time deliveries, which are becoming far more popular than the traveling options due to their spontaneity.

With the growing trend of bike taxis, they are soon going to be swirling around maneuvering through the jams in almost every city in our sub-continent.

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