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Privacy Policy

This policy holds true for all the users of b4e anywhere in the world, and also who either contacts b4e or submits any information to b4e, unless stated below. This policy covers all who inquire, take benefits of b4e or its affiliated services to:

  • Receive or demand the riders or logistics services
  • Receive individual transportation service or through partner transportation companies (driver partners)
  • Desire and ask for food, grocery or other items delivery services.
  • Every user of b4e's services through apps, websites, and API, and also who anyhow contacts b4e or submits information to b4e, unless liable to an isolated privacy policy, agreement, or notice.

b4e is transparent and crystal clear with its policies and users. It allows you to scrutinize and control the information that we assemble, that involves:

  • Device permissions
  • In-app privacy settings
  • In-app rating pages
  • Marketing opt-outs

Privacy Settings
The Privacy Settings in b4e rider app allow the b4e users to select and update their location and contact sharing choices. It allows its users to receive or disable the mobile notifications from b4e. Riders and users can also remove their b4e account through Privacy Settings.

Device Permissions
The mobile platforms like Android, iOS, etc. have defined the data types for a device that any app cannot access without your permission. These platforms differ in permission system for installing an app. While installing b4e, the iOS platform sends an alarming notification to have an access to specific data types and asks for your permission. Android devices also seek your permission to access the data from your device while installing for the first time.

Rating View
The b4e app allows to rate and review your riding. It is a two-way handshake between the driver partners and riders to give the feedback and suggestions after every trip. This creates a healthy relationship between the driver partners and riders. The rider rating is open at the main menu of b4e app while you can use the driver partner rating through the Rating tab of the b4e app.

Editing and Accessing your Information
The b4e app allows you to correct or change your contact information like name, mobile number, an email address which you have submitted to the b4e partners. Through, you can change and correct your sharing information. It also allows you to access the information about your rides, orders, and history of delivery services through b4e app services. Through, you can ask for access, correction or copy your information on b4e app or you can visit our Privacy Policy Help Page.

Promotional Opt-Outs
Through opt-out option, you can anytime select to not receive any marketing and promotional emails, messages or any notifications from b4e app. It should be noted that even if you select an opt-out option, non-promotional messages like a bill or receipt of your ride or account information might be reachable to you.

To be updated is always recommended and therefore we always keep on updating this policy whenever required. Being our valuable users, we request you to comply our updated services always. On any policy revision, we notify our users through our b4e app, emails or messages to keep you updated with the policy change. your permission. As per the law and applicable conditions, we request you to abide by our policy updates at regular interval and utilize our services with the latest privacy. We also allow our users to review our previous privacy policy versions.

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